Alright, I’ll admit it. I once fell victim to the dreaded “MySpace angle”. If you’ve never heard of this cruel digital deception, you can thank me later.

The term is defined by urban dictionary as “Pictures which were specifically taken and uploaded to fool the Myspace community into believing you are more attractive then you actually appear.”

As an incoming freshman in college, my class was at the mercy of Emerson’s IT department until they decided to send us a piece of snail mail with our official .edu email addresses. So, unlike current high school seniors, Facebook was a rite of passage, not a matter a choice. This lead all of us to be extremely active on MySpace, where we formed some of our initial relationships and broke the proverbial ice. The number of attractive people seemed limitless.

Well, when that mail finally arrived and everyone raced to create their Facebook accounts, the “relationships” began to strangely diminish. It was like the people who made flirty passing comments at each other before, wouldn’t touch each other with a ten foot pole. I couldn’t believe the number of the deceived or the number of deceivers. It was truly astounding. But how could we explain this?

Facebook allowed more pictures, mostly uploaded by someone other than the user themselves. Alas, no “angle” control.

I don’t claim to have come up with the term, but I will admit that when my former room mate and I were discussing how one of our female classmates had thrown a pictorial curve ball at us, all we could say was “it’s like these angles she uses, they way she takes the pictures…it’s faux-artsy.”

It’s a wildly immitatable process that’s been done by countless people all over the world. Some regions are hotbeds for angle felons. You don’t have to know how to photobrush to look this good.

Disclaimer: Guys are definitely guilty of doing this too.


The Crystal Method (who you probably remember) and Filter (who you might remember). Think this was probably on the Spawn soundtrack. Yep, definitely was. And I probably stayed up “late” to watch it in my tweens (long before the days of streaming video).

Mini Mix


Will Save: Revolutions Live Mix / 4.12/08 / WERS 88.9 FM

1. Aston Shuffle “For Everyone” (Stupid Fresh Mix)

2. deadmau5 “The Reward Is Cheese” (Original Mix)

3. Alter Ego “Why Not?” (Tim Deluxe Remix)

4. DJ Die Young “In a Big Country” (Bootleg Remix)

5. Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin “Callisto”

6. Will Save “Zinga Stripes” (Original Bootleg Mix)

Download it here.

Celebrities and musicians are blogged about daily, but rarely host their own blogs (unless they have a daring publicist to do it for them). One blog that I’ve been eyeing for quite awhile though, is Mr. West’s Kanye Univercity. He’s the rapper that has positioned himself as one of the greatest producers of our generation, lyricist by accident and fashionista on all counts. Enough people hang on his every word and creation to make even Thom Yorke jealous. Why wouldn’t he want to blog?

‘He has befriended practically every established (and up and coming) designer, architect, producer, artist, etc. and fires off image heavy posts on his black and fluorescent tinged blog with subject titles like “THIS SH*T IS DOPE…I LIKE IT”, “I GOTTA GET THESE!” or “THE VERY GREATEST THING EVER MADE!!!”.

We know he’s really into this stuff, but what’s amazing is how he has opened up a world of futuristic global design, art, furniture, fashion and culture to an audience that probably wasn’t actively seeking it in the first place. With an average of 50+ comments per post, it’s clear they’re engaging in this dialogue, and in most cases attempting to emulate his tastes.

His online following is perhaps more powerful and potent than his offline one. When his mother, Dr. Donda West, died earlier this year, he didn’t post for over 60 days. The last post he published before the incident received close to 700 comments, all with readers explaining their agony due to his lack of updates and offering condolences. They eventually welcomed him back on his new years day post (about playing Connect 4) with 300 comments.

I’m certainly not celebrity obsessed, but I have to wonder who else has this kind of erratic following in the blogsphere. If you know, please share. And please don’t say Perez Hilton!

-Will Wheeler

Photo courtesy of Danny Clinch photography.

A few days ago, MySpace announced it was going head to head with iTunes with their long anticipated MySpace Music service. The site has already earned a reputation for being the online spot for A&R reps to seek out the next big thing, and now Tom is feeling confident enough to bump heads with Steve Jobs. With the estimated 5 million registered bands and 30 million unique monthly visitors, it’s definitely not a long shot.

The key thing to note here is MySpace’s ability to mutate from a promotional vehicle to a commercial vehicle, their signature trait. They’re betting on a diversified source of revenue from merchandising, ticketing, mobile content and advertising and sponsorships or what they call the “360-degree experience”.

In reality, they’re not really competing with the device-driven Apple iTunes, but simply taking the leap of faith for all social networks and doing the music industry a big favor in the process.

So the next time you’re in the doghouse with your girlfriend, you might find yourself dedicating a “competitively priced” default profile song to her.



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Twitter Row


My rapid twittering did not go unnoticed last night! I, along with the rest of my friends @amyyen @sarahhutton @amandamooney @mariagarcia who made up “twitter row” at the forum, were mentioned by Steve Hall on AdRants this morning.Pretty effin cool!