People I May Not Want to Know…


I know this feature has been available on Facebook in the friend finder for quite sometime, but I really hate that it now permanently lives on my welcome page. There’s enough things to worry about on there, like birthdays, events and hilarious status updates.

It’s no coincidence that the people showing up in this window are people I’m not friends with for a reason. Take a hint, Zuckerberg!


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4 Responses to “People I May Not Want to Know…”

  1. 1 Davis

    this feature kind of sucks, i agree. wouldn’t it be like putting all the people you don’t say hi to in one room?

  2. @Davis so funny- it’s exactly like that:) Yeah, I’m annoyed that birthday listings are soooo far down on the page now. This isn’t LinkedIn. If we’re meant to connect, we’ll friend each other directly. On the other hand, if I miss your birthday because I don’t want to scroll through the page, there will definitely be serious drama to sort out:)

  3. 3 Will

    you said it, sister

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