She’s got MySpace Angles


Alright, I’ll admit it. I once fell victim to the dreaded “MySpace angle”. If you’ve never heard of this cruel digital deception, you can thank me later.

The term is defined by urban dictionary as “Pictures which were specifically taken and uploaded to fool the Myspace community into believing you are more attractive then you actually appear.”

As an incoming freshman in college, my class was at the mercy of Emerson’s IT department until they decided to send us a piece of snail mail with our official .edu email addresses. So, unlike current high school seniors, Facebook was a rite of passage, not a matter a choice. This lead all of us to be extremely active on MySpace, where we formed some of our initial relationships and broke the proverbial ice. The number of attractive people seemed limitless.

Well, when that mail finally arrived and everyone raced to create their Facebook accounts, the “relationships” began to strangely diminish. It was like the people who made flirty passing comments at each other before, wouldn’t touch each other with a ten foot pole. I couldn’t believe the number of the deceived or the number of deceivers. It was truly astounding. But how could we explain this?

Facebook allowed more pictures, mostly uploaded by someone other than the user themselves. Alas, no “angle” control.

I don’t claim to have come up with the term, but I will admit that when my former room mate and I were discussing how one of our female classmates had thrown a pictorial curve ball at us, all we could say was “it’s like these angles she uses, they way she takes the pictures…it’s faux-artsy.”

It’s a wildly immitatable process that’s been done by countless people all over the world. Some regions are hotbeds for angle felons. You don’t have to know how to photobrush to look this good.

Disclaimer: Guys are definitely guilty of doing this too.


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