Social Media Marketing Forum @ Emerson College


Just got back from what was possibly the most valuable seminar ever hosted by the Marketing Communication department  at Emerson College. As a 3 year student/marketing major, I’ve attended practically everything they’ve hosted, some of them with good insights, others not so much.The forum was moderated by Paul Gillin (The New Social Influencers), AdRants’ Steve Hall, Todd Defren of SHIFT Communications and Zachary Braiker of Refine + Focus. After the mic feedback was taken care of, they managed to delve into an array of loaded discussion prompts. 

I live tweeted over half of the discussion until both my phone and computer batteries died, but here are the prompts:

1. An army of citizens can never duplicate the quality or reliability of a trusted newspaper or magazine.

2. Conventional marketing is irrelevant. You should move your budget and effort to SM marketing as quickly as possible

3. Done right, a viral marketing campaign can actually achiever greater impact than a conventional mass media campaign

4. Email will remain the most prevalent and reliable method of online communication for the foreseeable future

5. No one had figured out a viable business model for social networks or online video. That will make these media unsustainable in future.

6. Social networks, blogs and discussion groups are mainly people bitching about companies and products they don’t like.

7. Some negativity is inevitable online. It’s not a problem unless it makes the jump to mainstream mobile.

8. The vast majority of customers aren’t using any kind of social media. Don’t let all the hype distract you. Focus most of your attention on traditional marketing.

9. Traditional media, especially local, cannot compete with new social networks.

10. You can’t measure the ROI of social media campaigns. Don’t even try!

 Whew! Alright, so as you can imagine there was some great discussion around this, but I want to hear your thoughts (especially on number 9).


3 Responses to “Social Media Marketing Forum @ Emerson College”

  1. “Possibly the most valuable seminar”??
    Cool. I’m honored. Thanks for coming.

  2. 2 willwheeler

    Thanks, Todd!

    I changed my mind, it WAS the most valuable seminar.

  3. Sounds like a great evening. Emerson is definitely tuned into this space.

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